We were born in Siberia, and over 22 years we have been producing natural products for well-being, as well as products for sport and beauty on basis of wild Siberian herbs. Over 22 years we have been trying to share our products across the world: in Europe, USA, India, Vietnam, Mexica and CIS-countries hundreds of thousands of people trust Siberian Wellness.
In pursuit of the new horizons!
We have renewed ourselves – now we have new name, new image, new logo. Siberian Health changed into Siberian Wellness. Why? Read here!
We are known in 65 countries
Siberian Wellness: the business on three continents!
In 2005, the Company entered the international market. Nowadays Siberian Wellness products are available in 65 countries on three continents! The Company Servicing Centers for customers and Consultants are opened in 26 countries, including the EU countries, Vietnam, Russia and CIS countries. More than 270 000 Consultants run business with the Company, promoting the eco-friendly Siberian brand.
65 countries
There are 190 countries in the world. In 65 of them one can order the Siberian Wellness products!
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History of the Company
More than twenty years ago we came on the market with a bold idea to offer health and beauty products based on wild Siberian plants. We create formulas using advanced scientific developments in chronobiology, endoecology and adaptive medicine, as well as all the riches of wild Siberian nature. Since that time millions of people in dozens of countries has become loyal consumers of the products of Siberian Wellness!
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